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    [GUIDE] Dark Sun Stages access conditions [EN]


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    [GUIDE] Dark Sun Stages access conditions [EN]

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    Warp to
    Dark World?
    1-2Finish the stage without taking any damage.No
    1-3Take damage from an enemyYes
    1-4Kill a Green Skull (yours or an enemy)Yes
    2-1Clear the stage in 2 turnsNo
    2-2Clear the stage in the first turnNo
    2-3Complete the stage without moving more than
    8 panels
    2-4Make a tower of at least 2 characters in heightYes
    3-1Wait 11 or more turnsYes
    3-2Destroy a Geo StoneYes
    3-3Create a tower of at least 5 characters in heightYes
    3-4Do not throwNo
    4-1Destroy all Geo PanelsYes
    4-2Combine 5 enemiesNo
    4-3Combine all enemiesYes
    4-4Allow 30 turns to passYes
    5-1Allow an ally to be killedYes
    5-2Clear the stage with 5 characters or lessNo
    5-3Make a tower of 8 characters in heightYes
    5-4Kill all enemies using tower attacksNo
    6-1Make a tower of 10 characters in heightYes
    6-2Clear the stage with 7 characters or lessNo
    6-3Combine all enemiesNo
    6-4Clear the stage by using one attackNo

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