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    Killer Is Dead Review [EN]


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    Killer Is Dead Review [EN]

    Mensagem por Rig em Seg 21 Mar - 11:18:51

    Killer Is Dead. Or KID to shorten. First game of Suda51's renowned repertoire that came to PC. Hack & Slash genre, it can be considered a spiritual successor of the titles No More Heroes and Killer 7.

    Besides those mentioned above, Suda51 is also the creator of some other successful (and polemic) titles, such as The Silver Case, Shadows of the Damned and Lollipop Chainsaw.

    The game has a great gameplay, but since its a port from the consoles, we have to make some changes to improve our gaming experience on PC (eg, FPS changing). There are some little known bugs, but it doesn't occur with every single player.

    NOTE: Several people report that the game does not support Dual Core processors (only Quad-Cores), not allowing the application to run. I can't confirm that, because my own PC has a Quad Core processor.



    Characters: 10/10

    The series' protagonist is Mondo Zappa, a hired assassin and gigolo in his spare time. He is part of a "company" that picks these kind of services, consisting of two other members: Bryan, the big boss, and Vivienne, who usually has to deal with the "bad and stupid decisions" Bryan makes. Later (in the first three chapters) Mika joins them.
    Besides them, we have the Belles, girls who Mondo should win in parallel events as part of his job as a gigolo. In total we have four Belles, but only three of them will provide important items for Mondo and Steam Achievements. They are: Koharu (a geisha in a restaurant), Betty (a vampire, 200 years-old), Natalia (a Brazilian given as hot-head) and finally, Scarlett (a hot-blooded nurse, which will give you some extra challenges to complete).

    Music: 7.5 / 10
    The soundtrack is average, neither intense nor bland. Well embedded in every part of the game. One of those games that you won't need to turn off the BGM so soon (eg. cof cof, Devil May Cry, cof).

    Graphics: 9/10
    Unique graphics, coming from the Suda51's unique style, but in the PC version they could have added more graphics options, as we previously saw (via patch) in Final Fantasy XIII.

    Controls: 10/10
    Nothing to point here, simple enough for a good learning curve.

    Steam Achievements: 10/10
    Relatively easy to achieve, some just take a little more time to be completed.

    Difficulty modes: 10/10
    We have the already-known modes Easy/Normal/Hard/Very Hard, and also the Nightmare difficulty mode where the damage of the enemy is multiplied by 9, making this mode very challenging, and very similar to the way Hell & Hell found in Devil May Cry series, because almost every enemy can kill you in a single hit.

    Score: 9.4/10

    For those who like Hack & Slash, the game is highly recommended because it is a very interesting experience. But it is necessary to make some changes to have a better experience, but for that, there are already solutions in the Steam Guides.

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